Yeidhavan 2017 Tamil Movie Review

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Yeidhavan Review

Yeidhavan is the modern-day Tamil motion crime drama movie that offers with troubles consisting of instructional and the crime, money laundering around the sector. The film is written and directed by Sakthi Rajasekaran and produced via Sudhakaran. The movie stars Kalaiyarasan and Satna Titus inside the leading roles and features tune composed with the aid of newcomer, Paartav Barggo.

Kalaiyarasan is adequate for the irritated young guy function but to carry the film single-handedly, the actor ought to enhance his power degree. even though Satna Titus performs a cop, there is no big rating for the actress in the film. Debutant Gowtham brings the Richman’s mindset together with his frame language and is equally menacing as the villain. Krishna as Dharman offers a neat overall performance while Aadukalam Naren as Karna, the ManFriday of Gowtham makes his presence felt. Vela Ramamoorthy comes for only some scenes in the first 1/2 and we get the feel that the gifted performer could have been used greater.

closer to the stop of the primary half of Yeidhavan, was thinking how first-class it’s miles to watch Tamil movies without big stars and their compulsive want to fall right into a predictable formula. The thriller genre, that’s more and more becoming famous in Tamil cinema, seems to be the correct launch vehicle for debut directors. You don’t want a fancy duet on a South African mountain to capture your target audience in case you’ve were given an awesome tale in the region.

The characters are named Krishna, Dharman, Sarathy – they stand for some thing loftier, more epic than their lives would have us consider. And the staging is accomplished with care. cut up monitors are used not just as a gimmick to spruce up the visuals however as a storytelling tool, to expose multiple ranges of action. The cinematographer is C. Prem Kumar has achieved an excellent job. Debutant Paartav Baargo does a beneath par process together with his rerecording and the songs also are no longer catchy.

The historical past score is unbearably loud – in many a scene, you can not seize the traces nicely earlier than they may be drowned out via the song that tells you the way to feel approximate what you’ve simply visible. The movie actually has a top notch plot. but one couldn’t assist feeling that given its attractive plot and the smart ideas in building the script, the film might have been more than just attractive.

It could be racier and even engrossing if the director had prevented some dull factors inclusive of songs that religiously follow the layout of an industrial movie. Yeidhavan movie available in Tamilrockers after the film once released in High Quality.

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