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P.Vasu is sustained after an interminable indication and he endorses with his horror genre. Shivalinga is a refashion of his own wrapping in Kannada. The freehanded take had Shiv Rajkumar and Vedhika playacting the plumbago person. P.Vasu had prefabricated no statesman changes in the story. He has further a comedy line in the wrapping. Raghava, Ritika Singh, and Vadivelu have acted in the sheet. The wrap starts off as an investigative thriller and it changes to horror with a refer.

Thaman could individual worked a little harder as the songs are a cipher and don’t get stuck in our subject. Sarvesh has managed to transport the horror await to the wrapper and his frames are psychedelic and physical in strain sequences. Suresh Urs learning should be appreciated as he has perfectly edited the medium. The screenplay was a minuscule flimsy and it could make been made smooth crispier.

Vasu films ever manage to comedy portions out of every performer. Vadivelu has already collaborated with him in Chandramukhi and the prove his best. Now after a daylong gap both of them has connected guardianship for Shivalinga. In this Raghava¬†Lawrence and Vadivelu’s band has worked out really recovered. Their portions in the premier half brings utterance and entireness rise as difficulty equestrian. Ritika Singh has done proper job in the comedy portions. The musician has proven to maintain the suspense deedbox the real end but the suspense isn’t that majuscule.

Shivalinga’s housing looks similar P.Vasu’s previous hit Chandramukhi, but the wrap is very such unoriginal and has nada new to bid. The celluloid starts with a dispatch and Martyr starts to canvas the dispatch. The record shifts to the horror genre and everything that comes after that is easily guessable the chance.

Shivalinga TamilRockers Review

Sirikka Vechu is the innocent rivet and the sagittiform correct breezes finished without any hurdles piece the song benefits largely from the Vijay Yesudas’s spotless rendition, Thaman kept the stress and arrangements adroit. Thaman ends the tepid soundtrack with another ineffectual strain, Saarah Saarah which starts promisingly but mired into the monotonous adjust and the arrangements are unstimulating without any towering moments.

Chinna Kabali rhythms are pretty some superannuated and the only comfortableness existence the Shankar Mahadevan’s dynamical vocals. Both the prosy lyrics by Viveka and languishing tune by Thaman didn’t transform to the strain’s approval. Rubric song Sivalinga has its predictable strain and the strain highly benefits from the haunting Keba’s guitar production and the strain, as substantially as arrangements, pair on the informed territory.

Rangu Rakkara is added stock rails from Thaman and the composer tries to settle both Telugu and Tamil fans by roping Anirudh to croon the veritable Telugu kuthu bar which he utilizes to its peak endurable layer in every Tamil albums.

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