Shamanthakamani 2017 Telugu 720p Review

Shamanthakamani in large part works because of the honest performances from the ensemble cast. Nara Rohith once more comes up with high-quality act as a corrupt police inspector.

Shamanthakamani Tamilrockers HD

Shamanthakamani Review

The story revolves around a steeply-priced Rolls Royce vintage automobile worth five Cr was known as Samantkamani which is owned by Sudheer Babu. One night, the auto is stolen from the parking of Provotel lodge and a corrupt Nara Rohit is given the duty to nab the thefts. all through the investigation, the 3 human beings Sundeep Kishan, younger lover Aadi and car Mechanic Rajendra Prasad becomes the suspects of the auto robbery.

The movie starts with a thrilling word with the narration leaping instantly to the point. Then the ultimate quantities tell How will Ranjith inspect the case? who is responsible for robbery? shape the relaxation of the tale. all the 4 stars, Sudheer Babu, Sundeep Kishan, Aadi and Sudheer Babu were given same display space and added their fine. The performances of all of the characters felt real because the actors portrayed them thoroughly. Sudheer Babu as the wealthy millionaire has given an incredible overall performance. comedian Raghu gets a meaty position, his investigative and comedy scenes with Nara Rohit are fantastic.

Shamanthakamani Tamilrockers

The second half of after that disappointing first half of is a clean development in terms of narrative. in any case, we get into the solutions of questions that started out at the very starting. It receives higher as we development similarly in the 2nd 1/2 with the fine element being the climax. The script and screenplay are right and the manufacturing price is rich. The Cinematography via Sameer Reddy is noteworthy and it helped the film look rich. The dialogues are catchy, Sriram Aditya picked exciting tale line and wrote the person well. There are not any evident errors on the route front.

At the disadvantage, there isn’t a good deal tale to tell. however, we also get the feeling that the director hasn’t used enough comedy as the script provides lots of scope for it. every other deterrent is the cheesy first half of. art work and editing are neat. however, there are some pointless scenes that could have taken the reduce. this will have made the movie crispier. song by using Mani Sharma is primarily about heritage score and it’s excellent.

Overall Samantakamani is a pleasing movie. one among the biggest plus points for this multi starred is the thrilling tale line and the presence of stars makes the aspect wonderful. Sriram Aditya’s creative abilities are proven within the tale which revolves around the crook research with twist and turns. Shamanthakamani Tamilrockers is currently not available in the High-Quality format, stay updated with us to access in Shamanthakamani Tamilrockers.

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