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Rum Tamilrockers

The film is a horror-heist mystery starring VIP reputation Hrishikesh, Sanchita Shetty, Vivek, Amzath Khan, Narain and Miya George in lead roles. The film is directed by way of debut filmmaker Sai Bharath and is produced by using All in pix enterprise with Anirudh composing tunes.


With a strolling period of about a hundred thirty mins. we honestly get confused what style the film belongs to. The old spooky factors don’t scare you everywhere and even the tries to mission ‘RUM’ as a horror-comedy goes failing. The fundamental premise of the film itself seems inappropriate with the scenes or narration. The characterizations appearance so amateurish and the actor’s appearance dubious in lots of episodes of now not being conscious on what they’re purported to carry out.

Even the background score by using Anirudh doesn’t get us enthralled. besides for the very last combat. It seems to be a massive unhappiness for audiences to overlook the one and only appeal of this movie ‘Hola Amigo’. simply as we expect that there might be a few thrilling moments at some stage in submit-intermission. the matters stay the equal.  The cinematography looks too immature. in which the photographs are very indistinct and even the color grading is too ordinary.

For the entire film, we should wait and be careful if any scenes could excite us or tickle our humorous bones. however then it travels with a mediocre effect, in which there’s not anything that might interact us. the primary hour travels with a lot of flimsy moments and simply earlier than an intermission. an awesome twist is obtainable, in which the ‘Day and night time’ key’s found out.


However sooner, they discover a crooked cop Thomas (Narain) threatening them to perform the challenge as on his commands. A collection concerning Hrishikesh, Sanchita Shetty, Vivek and Amzath Khan determine to loot away a few valuable stones which might be well worth hundreds of thousands. Where they’re shaking with the aid of paranormal activities. Matters move properly till the organization comes to a decision to get away from the clutches of Thomas and that they enter a woodland bungalow.

Overall performance

Miya George performing in the minuscule role does her element properly and whilst getting on with relaxation in the cast, it seems to be a disappointment. Hrishikesh struggles to supply a decent act through his frame language and dialogue deliveries. Amzath Khan is k and is completely wasted.

Vivek attempts to rouse the laughter, however, fails completely. Sanchitha Shetty hardly ever has any dialogues to utter or perform. Narain is a talented actor, however, we see him now not being utilized in a sturdy way.

Background tune by way of Anirudh in very few parts, not anything is truly stunning in both narrative and technical factors. On the entire, RUM doesn’t keep a sturdy plot nor an amazing narration to preserve us engrossed. If director Sai Bharath had crafted a gripping screenplay and letting actors advantage greater depth in their characterization and offered sturdy technical output. the movie would have been a very good show.

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