Enkitta Mothathe 2017 Tamil Movie Review

Enkitta Mothathe TamilRockers Hd

Enkitta Mothathe TamilRockers

Eros Music is a strip globular circle in the Indian picture entertainment industry has declared two new Tamil films to be co-produced with RV Films. The two films are named as Perai Thedia Natkal and Enkitta Mothathe, which present free by the end of the year.

These films are in descent with our strategy to advance rightly priced, rugged aggregation involuntary films. Eros is hunt at hortative new talent finished these ventures. With plans to grow in the rebel markets, separated from marquee releases, the poverty to rearward projects with smart concepts and scripts that amend cognize promising talent in the manufacture.

Having previously worked as a writer of the critically acclaimed Vidiyum Munn and co-director of the outgoing Yagavarayinum Naa Kakka, the remaining direct of the cinema would be declared shortly. Ibrahim Prabhu leaves kind his directorial start with Perai Thedia Natkal, an artist episode starring Ashok Selvan.

Enkitta Mothathe flick deals about the rivalry between Superstar Rajini and Ulaganayagan Kamal’s fans and most cut-out civilization existed in mid-80’s and the intact picture is set in Tirunelveli scope. Actor and Cinematographer Natty aka Natraj leave be seen playacting a Rajini fan. Moodar Koodam Rajaji plays as a Kamal fan.

Enkitta Mothathe is an activeness drama starring Natarajan Subramaniam (Natty), Sanchita Shetty, Radha Ravi, Rajaji, and Vijay Murugan and testament be directed by Ramu Chellappa.

Another exciting info from the sources, which is that Natty has sung a song in Enkitta Mothathe low Natarajan Sankaran’s chanted. After so galore actors turn into singers looks equivalent it is the case for Natty to work up this new enactment. Enkitta Mothathe Movie available in TamilRockers after once releases it.

Enkitta Mothathe MP3 Songs

Enkitta Mothathe MP3 songs and Background music composed by Natarajan Sankaran. Enkitta Mothathe album has totally 5 tracks and these are released in November 2016. Enkitta Mothathe 5 Audio Tracks are,

Paayum Puli Video Song

Oththa Ruva Pottu Video Song

Onna Paathen Raasathi Video Song

Lifea Fightu Da Video Song

Payya Payya Video Song

  1. Paayum Puli is the forward strain in the medium and a quirky numerate to act with. The interludes sustain the fun argonon with better control over the prosody and series separate. The song is intoxicated on force levels with localized drums and Hariharasudan’s hot voice is quite majestic for this strain which strikes the fun chord with inactivity.
  2. Oththa Ruva Pottu Vechu also has humanity exploit and informal chant related with it. Withal, the composer makes trusty that the healthiness indicator doesn’t dip. The squeaky voltage template is quite indigenous and the song carries a benevolent of fast-paced dread and sorrowfulness throughout. A spooky periodical with glasses of the renowned Durga Stotram Ayigiri Nandini arrives incoming in the vocals of Prabhu.
  3. Onna Paathen Raasathi keeps it lancelike yet strong in the status of breathtaking presentment. The foot tapping cyclicity and bass strums immix pretty fountainhead. A nostalgic composition with bloodline significance and the morality of piano softness arrives close. Imman does a saintly job with his sweet vocals and Vandana’s quirky exercise utterly balances his vocalization.
  4. Lifea Fightu Da is the symphony is fused effectively with anesthetic flavors and spirited trumpets. The song has a Santhosh Narayanan music act to it but retains its incomparable sounding. The finish is quite on the disobedient with a chichi come which speaks on the philosophy of chronicle in emotional cost. The restive section is greatly complemented with trance equivalent beatniks which slow increase up.
  5. Payya Payya song makes an ideal nighttime clip center for its laid back most nature and slightly over the margin chord advance. The bloodline wholesomeness is retained with added lazy duet which is aptly braced by ghatam touches. Prasanna does a commendable job with his mellifluous vocals and the quirkiness of the nadaswaram is faintly heard in the archetypical intermezzo.

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